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client referral program
tell your friends about expedating, get paid

how it works

  1. go to an expedating event and have a good time (already done!)

  2. tell your friends, family, coworkers, and friendly-looking strangers on the street how great expedating is, and that they should go try it out too

  3. when they buy a ticket to an expedating event *, tell them to enter your name in the "who referred you to expedating" field when registering

  4. we will contact you via the contact information we have on file for you and ask how you would like to be paid (Venmo, PayPal, etc)

  5. we send you money.  current referral royalty is $10 for women, $20 for men. the referral royalty will fluctuate over time, but you can always come back to this page to see the current values.  you also have the option to receive a free ticket to an upcoming expedating event instead of the cash royalty.

  6. that's it.   seriously.

why are we doing this?

simply put, advertising is expensive and inefficient.​

we believe in the expedating product, and we want to get the word out to as many people as possible - and there is no better ambassador for our product than the folks who actually came to an event.

not only can you do a much better job letting eligible singles know about expedating than some online ads, we would MUCH rather pay you than some techno-dystopian trillion-dollar company. 

so get out there and spread the word! if you would like some printed material to give people, just let us know!

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