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frequently asked questions

everything you ever wanted to know about expedating.  well, almost everything.

so what is an expedating event like?

oh we've got a whole page dedicated to this.

can i get a refund for my ticket?

yes and no.

due to the need to have event materials printed in advance, we cannot give any refunds within three days of the event.  however, before that window, we can issue a refund within five days after the purchase of a ticket.  refund requests for tickets purchased more than five days prior may be honored, at our discretion, but are not guaranteed.

why are some events 'sold out' for one ticket type only?

if the event is marked as sold out, then we are no longer selling any tickets to the event.

however, if tickets are listed as sold out for only men, or only women, then sales of that type might be "paused" while we wait for sales of the other type to "catch up".  expedating events require an equal number of men and women to attend, so if the sales of one type of ticket outpace the other, we may pause those sales temporarily, and re-open sales at a later time.

if you would like to purchase tickets for an event that are currently sold out for your type only, simply check back again closer to the event date, or add your name to the waitlist to be contacted when ticket sales re-open for your type.

are the age ranges for the events a firm limit?

while we won't be checking legal identification to verify your age, we ask that you respect the age range for a given event when purchasing a ticket.  the other clients at the event purchased their ticket with an expectation to meet singles within the listed age range of the event, so please be considerate of their wishes.

if you are outside the published age range of an event and still would like to attend, please contact us directly for pre-approval to buy a ticket.  we will only consider exceptions within a year or two of the published range, and only when the average age of guests who have already purchased a ticket for that event makes it a reasonable exception.

can I keep my identity private when I attend an event?


we take the following steps to ensure you can keep your personal information private :

  • clients are forbidden to "ask out" other clients at the event, or to ask for personal or contact information

  • clients can use an assumed name at the event if they wish

  • personal and contact info will only be exchanged with another client if you "match" with them after the event (see this page for details)

  • each client can decide which information is shared with matches; actual name, phone number, email address, social media names, whatever you are comfortable with!

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