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the expedating experience

after buying your ticket and registering for the event, you'll get an email with all the event details and a PDF file of your QR-code ticket.

on the day of the event, you'll get an email walking you through the steps to check in when you arrive.  when the big night arrives, just show up at the venue with your ticket - our event coordinator will handle the rest!

expedating chooses host venues that offer our clients a chilled vibe, quality beverages, and a safe and comfortable evening. 

the main event

your event coordinator will take a few minutes at the start of the evening to go over how the expedating event works, but here's the gist :

  • all attendees will receive a 'cheat sheet' giving them the skinny on all their potential matches at the event

  • the ladies will have their own table to settle in for the evening

  • the gentlemen will be assigned their first table to visit

  • everyone will then wait for the crack of the starter pistol to start talking.  kidding, we'll just tell you when

  • each table will then have a seven minute expedate to get to know each other and check their chemistry.  in the interest of privacy, attendees are asked to not ask for contact information at the event

  • following the first expedate, gentlemen will have about a minute to move to their next assigned table, and the second round of expedates begins

  • the evening will contain about ten expedates for each attendee

  • we will take a break in the middle of the event to tinkle, check your phones, grab a fresh drink, etc


after the event

at the conclusion of the expedating event, you'll simply head home and await an email from expedating asking you to select your matches.

for each person you met at the event, you will be asked whether or not you would like to match with them for future dating.

if two clients choose each other as matches, then both parties will be notified and receive the contact information of their match.  everyone will be able to specify which type of contact info they would like to share - email, phone, social media, etc.  you're on your own from there, you crazy kids.

that's it! good luck and happy expedating!

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