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expedating referral program
say a few words, make a few bucks

how it works

  1. join the program, and be given your very own personal promo code that provides discounts to expedating events

  2. give your clients your promo code

  3. when a ticket to an event is purchased using your promo code, you receive a royalty.  the more you refer, the higher the royalty goes! ​ Current royalties start at $10 for women, $15 for men

  4. payment is sent instantly to the account of your choice (Venmo, Paypal, etc)

  5. there is no limit to the amount of royalties you can collect

  6. upon request, we can provide you with cards or other material to pass out to your clients

what is expedating?

yeah, you'll probably need to know that, huh?​

expedating is a fast-dating event where single professionals have a chance to meet each other face-to-face and have a quick chat.  after the event, clients are given a chance to "match" with anyone they would like to keep in touch with; if two people match with each other, they are sent the contact info of their match to set up their own dates!

you can learn even more at how expedating works and our faq

we currently hold events in the metro Detroit area, and plan to expand to more of Michigan in the coming months.

join the program

note : once we send your code we will reach out to you to get your payment method set up

thanks for signing up!

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